Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Someone sent us a "Congratulations to you on your Silver Anniversary" card a couple weeks ago.  Yes, we have now been married 25 years, but something about those words "silver anniversary" made me feel antique or something.  Only my grandparents had those plates and bells and things that said, "Happy Silver Anniversary."  Thankfully, no one gave us one of those or I might have politely smiled, then walked into the next room and chucked it out the window!

The 25 years themselves have been so wonderful, sometimes it feels like I've just entered into this lifelong commitment, rather than being 25 years into it.  Nate keeps my life fresh, fun and very interesting.  I've heard many stories of people our age who, once the kids leave home, look at each other and say, "Who are you?" and within the year they're divorced.  Not us.  We've drug out these child-rearing years so long now, I think that once the last one finally leaves home we're going to look at each other and say, "Let's get out of here and have some fun!"

Fortunately though - we're not waiting until then to enjoy each others' company.  Part of what has made our 25 years so enjoyable is the fact that somehow along the way, we've learned to make the most out of whatever moments we have.  Getting up before all the children do and enjoying some peace and quiet together, with a cup of coffee, some unimportant chit chat, and a scripture & prayer-time.  Going together to get groceries, or run an errand, when the opportunity arises and there's an older girl around to watch the younger kids.  Taking an early morning or late evening walk...hand in hand, of course.  Me tagging along with him to a weekend surveyor's training conference - just so I can have some time alone with him in the evenings.  (That one paid off very well one year when he decided to attend a conference that was given on a Caribbean cruise ship!)  Him going shopping with me, just because we had been too busy to do anything together, and shopping looked like an opportunity rather than a thing to be dreaded.  All those, and a hundred other little things through the years that have kept us connected, interested and involved in each others' lives.

Of course, it hasn't all been easy going...there are times when I can hardly wait for him to get out of the house for awhile and give me some space.  And moments when he wonders if he can go do anything without having to report in to me.  But for the most part - it's worked, this staying involved in each others' lives and loving each other through the good and bad times.  Twenty-five years into the marriage, it's worked so well that I'm highly anticipating the next 25 years.

Just don't go buying me one of those bells or plates, thank you very much.