Monday, May 02, 2011

So Proud of That...

 Nate has such a big heart - a heart for the world.  He's given months of his time over the past several years to go serve overseas on lots of different projects - most of them on Engineering Ministries International (eMi) teams.  eMi is a fantastic, world-wide ministry that is as near to a perfect match for Nate's big heart as anything he's ever come across.

Nate has worked on eMi teams from Guatemala to India, doing everything from surveying how deep a lake was in Rwanda to hijacking a taxi from their drugged driver in order to keep the team safe while traveling in India.  Most of these trips have involved helping children...a children's home in Guatemala, a site for a school in a remote village of Ghana, an orphanage in India, etc.
One of the neatest projects he's been a part of was in Rwanda - working for Kanukuk Kamps on their Kids Across Africa Camp.  For anyone that's watched "Hotel Rwanda" or heard the stories of the terrible genocide that occurred's hard NOT to get excited about a camp where these children can be carefree kids for a few days, have 3 nutritional meals a day and enjoy having lots of staff to love on them, share the Good News with them, and make sure they have the experience of a lifetime.
In one week's time, this eMi Rwanda team was able to do an amazing amount of work.  I love to watch the video they produced by the end of that week.  Considering that they started with just a leveled off top of a hillside by a lake, clueless as to  where the property boundaries were - and finished with a conceptual video and plan for a well-designed facility made to fit perfectly on the less-than-ideal, limited hill-top...I can't help but feel proud.  Proud to be the wife of a man who loves to donate his time to such projects...proud to be the mom of amazing daughters who love to "tag along" and help...and proud to be a child of The King.  A King who has a heart for the poorest of the poor in this world, and shares a portion of that heart with mere little, insignificant people like us.  It makes me smile from the inside out.  :-)