Sunday, April 27, 2014

Uh, UFO? Ah, AFO!

Our boy, the youngest of our seven kids, is probably the worst speller of our bunch. I'm not complaining or belittling him - just stating facts. We all know he's brilliant...he just probably doesn't know how to spell it.

Those spelling errors often make us all laugh - himself included, once he figures out what he did wrong. One of the latest incidents happened when his dad was telling him that it was time, once again, to go pick a sister up at the airport.

"Just think," Nate said, "It takes us longer to drive halfway across the state to pick her up than it takes her to fly here from two states away. If only we had a way to fly there in our own, personal flying machine... I'm sure they're going to have those sometime soon. What do you think they will call them?"

(side note: We do digress and chase rabbits quite often around here.)

Without hesitating, Josiah piped in, "It can't be a UFO - so they'll probably call them AFO's."

We all stared at him blankly for a moment, trying to figure out what the "A" might stand for. Finally we asked him, because no one was getting it.

A bit surprised at our lack of understanding, he rolled his eyes and said, "Well, it wouldn't be an UNidentified flying object because of course we know what it is - so it would have to be an 'Ah-dentified' flying that makes it an "AFO."

Ah, phonetics, you are such a tough adversary for a young boy to conquer, but you do provide entertaining diversions along the way.