Saturday, September 04, 2010

Life Goes On...

It's Labor Day weekend, which means summer is over.  Maybe not officially on the calendar, but around here as soon as Labor Day is past we start our home schooling and the older girls are all back in their respective colleges and high school.  Thus, I don't care what the calendar says...summer is over and done with.

Ever since we took our first daughter to college four years ago, I experience this type of grieving process as each new school year rolls around.  Summer tends to spoil me, as girls return home from college and actually become a part of the family again...for weeks and weeks.  I awaken to their peels of laughter late at night and absolutely love it.

Then, before I know it - a new semester is ready to begin, and every other year a newly graduated girl heads out to join the college ranks.  It leaves me feeling rather empty; a lot like their lifeless, quiet bedrooms.  Something is missing that has always been there, and it takes awhile to adjust.

It's all good, though.  They're happy, healthy, wonderful young ladies, moving into adulthood just like they're supposed to do.  Yes - life goes on...and it's a blessed experience.
Traditional "walk of the freshman" at HLGU, complete with bagpipes.