Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Fulfillments

I believe I can honestly say October is my favorite month of the year.  I absolutely, positively and completely love autumn.  Along with the comforting temperatures and rewarding fall beauty...our family has experienced some fulfilling October moments this year.

Nate's 10th mission trip with EMI as well as building a home with Extreme Home Makeover in Joplin, our 4th trip within 5 years time to the Renaissance festival in Kansas City, kids camping out with grandparents, college visits in Arkansas, and many other little highlights...

One highlight occurred when our two youngest children and I followed Nate to Springfield, MO for three days.  He attended the Tri-State surveyors' convention again this year.  He never goes to those unless he's needing his PDU's to keep his license current, since sitting through three days of lectures that he's heard several times before is NOT his style.  But the kids and I enjoyed some fun stuff, and he joined in the fun whenever he had a break.

Thus, Josiah, Jessie and I spent some time exploring Springfield.  One fun place was a retro arcade hangout that Nate and I enjoy...1984.  It's tagline, "The best thing since 1983," makes me smile.  Nate and I both graduated high school in 1983, and although most of the arcade games in the place were ones we never played, it somehow makes us feel a little more youthful to walk in there and challenge each other to an intense game of Qbert (especially since I ALWAYS win that one.)  Jessie and Josiah loved it, even though mom and dad were actually beating them most of the time - something that rarely happens when we're challenging them to the video games of their generation.

One of the funniest things Josiah said during our time in Springfield had nothing to do with 1984, Bass Pro World or any other fun place we visited.  We were simply walking into the hotel, and Josiah saw his daddy pull the room key card out of his wallet.  Josiah's quick glance and sharp mind made him exclaim, "Wow, how many hotel room keys do you have in there?!"

Dave Ramsey would be so proud to know that Nate's wallet is filled with room keys rather than credit cards.

Speaking of proud - October has brought some incredible opportunities to Nate that make it hard for me not to be extremely proud of my hubby.  First, it was a week in Nicaragua, successfully serving on another EMI mission team.  Next, he volunteered and was selected to go to Joplin on Oct. 19 and 20 to be a part of Extreme Home Makeover's Joplin Build project - building seven homes in seven days.  He'll be serving on the carpentry and framing crew for home #3.

Oh yes, I am SO very excited to see him sportin' that hardhat!  I only wish I could be there at the conclusion, to help shout, "Move that bus!"  What a rewarding day that will be for the seven families, as well as for the thousands of volunteers that play a small part in it.

Last but not least...I'm looking forward to taking three high school seniors to Arkansas at the end of October, to visit two wonderful colleges.  One of those colleges has been the residence of our 22 year-old for the past 3 1/2 will be so good to have an excuse to spend a little time with her.

Sharing life with family and serving others...all of this random activity somehow has seemed a little more gratifying during this radiant and glorious month of October.

"But be glad and rejoice forever in what I create..."  --Isaiah 65:18a