Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

By: L.A. Kohl
July 29, 2006
(published in the Aug 2, 2006 edition of "the bullseye")
For lack of anything deep, moving, or reflective to write this week; I’ll fall back on my old stand-by. Judging from the comments I receive, the funny things that little kids say and do seems to entertain several of you…so here you go.

Our seven year old has been figuring out some personal, spiritual things lately. In fact, she’s going to be baptized in a few short days. But a few months ago, she came to me and said this out-of-the-blue statement:

“I know God is always by my side – but I just don’t know WHICH side!”

It was one of those moments when I knew she was being completely serious, but it took every bit of self-control on my part not to laugh out loud.

And then there are the statements that you’d really prefer not to hear. Our newly turned five year old walked into the house a few days ago, and made this comment to a big sister who happened to be sitting nearby:

“I petted Katie (our cat) and she is really fat – I think she must have babies inside. How do the babies get in there?”

Oh brother…the big sister said something like, “umm – you should probably ask mom," while mom hid in a corner of the kitchen, intently studying a recipe book and wishing that her dad would walk in right now!

Then, there is the “boy” of the house. He’s only three, so he’s in his prime. He loves to be helpful, and he is almost always the first child to wake in the morning. One morning dad thought he’d put this helpful, early riser to work by telling him that he could put the cereal bowls on the table. Dad explained that he could find the bowls in the cupboard by the table, or in the dishwasher.

The boy enthusiastically ran out of the room, and said, “OK! I’ll get the bowls out of the

(Umm – and while you’re at it – get the milk out of the dishwasher??? Maybe needs some work on his listening skills!)

One thing that I love about him is his polite little spirit. I don’t know if it’s all these big sisters he’s got surrounding him, or the influence of a great dad, or a little bit of both – but he can melt his old mom really quick with his sweetness.

The other day I had taken the three young ones down to our lake for swimming. Usually it’s their Dad who indulges them, but he wasn’t around and they had been begging and begging. So, I told them “just for a little while," donned an old swimsuit, and hiked down to the lake with all three of them. We played around for half an hour or so, and then I started telling them it was time to go back to the house.
I climbed out, hoping they would follow my example, but they were still too busy playing. I was drying off and re-iterating that we really needed to get back to the house, when the boy stopped what he was doing, looked up at me, and said, “Mom, you sure are cute…thanks for taking us swimming!” and then he went right back to splashing and playing.

I seriously believe he was sincere with his comments, and not just trying to butter me up. So you parenting experts will just have to overlook and forgive my reply to him:
“Oh, well, I guess we can stay down here a little bit longer.”

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