Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God is Able...To Get Me Through Another Year of Camp!

It happens each summer...Mt. Zion Youth Camp.  I believe it's been happening since the 1950's, but thankfully I haven't been involved THAT long.  (Just so you know - I wasn't even born yet in the 1950's!) 

Nate first went to help at Mt. Zion about 12 years ago, by showing up in the evening to tell the campfire story.  Immediately, the camp director (who had been directing for nearly 15 years at that point) spotted a potential way to retire from her job.  She wasn't pushy about it; she simply planted a few seeds.

"How would you like to be a cabin leader next year?"  and then the following year, "Are there some other tasks you would like to try?" and the next year, "I really want to turn this camp director job over to someone, and I think next year, you could start taking over." 

And that was that.  Since marriage means "we're in this thing together," then camp directing became a joint venture on our part.  As capable as my husband is of taking charge of dozens of campers, coming up with creative games to keep them all occupied, and telling wonderful campfire stories that entertain as well as challenge the campers...he seriously could not do this camp directing job without me.  I'm not egotistical about it.  Honestly, just about anyone could do MY job, except perhaps my husband.  And so, when each new year rolls around in January, I say, "Honey, we need to schedule a camp planning meeting.  You tell me what date works for you, and I'll take care of the rest."

And so it goes until camp time arrives.  I make the brochures.  I contact the churches and pastors and workers.  I order the T-shirts.  I figure out all the classes and teachers that we'll need, as well as the cabin leaders.  I make lists of things to buy and lists of things to do.  I "suggest" people that he could ask to be worship leaders and camp pastors.   And a week before camp begins, he says, "Okay - I better start figuring out what games we can play next week to go along with the camp theme."

Thus, the baton is now passed to him.  He sorts through all his ideas, packs our vehicles with axes and rope, duct tape and cordless drills...all the things that I never remember to pack for some reason.  After we're at camp, he starts figuring out what I need to do in order to make his games work (this year it was "Lori - we need 3 sets of the Wells Fargo game squares printed off within 5 minutes!" ;-)  He takes charge the minute we hit the campgrounds.  His job kicks into high gear...my job dwindles.

It's the way we work, and the way I like it.  I've always been amazed at how God could bring together two such completely different people as Nate and I.  Yet, each year after another season of camp is completed, I'm reminded once again that God knew exactly what He was doing.  Opposites not only attract, they make a great team.


Timothy and Jessie said...

Woot woot! Good job! Praise God for the testimony of your life, marriage, and service for Him!

Anonymous said...

Amen to the words of "Timothy and Jessie." I know many, many hours of work go into camp way ahead of time as well as the 2 very busy weeks (and sometimes challenging with the weather) during camp. May God continue to bless all of your gifted family! Mom and Dad (nope, I'm not prejudiced!)