Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Lessons of Star Wars Lego Games

Video games aren't a big part of my children's lives.  Their father and I have always agreed that there are more important things in life than raising kids with all the latest gaming equipment.

However, we do let them spend some time playing PC games - and I recently enjoyed listening to my two youngest ones playing their favorite "Star Wars Lego" game. 

While playing each other in an intense, two-player battle of something I have no clue about...I heard my youngest, Josiah, exclaim, "No choking! No choking!  Don't you remember?  That's a rule!!!"

Well, if you gotta have rules, I'd say that's a pretty good rule to take with you through life.  Speaking of life...

A few moments later I found myself laughing at another one of his outbursts, "If you keep killing me, I'm really going to die!"

Ah, the profound lessons learned from little Lego caricatures.

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Anonymous said...

Mom, this made me laugh so hard! I love that game, brings out the best in everyone ;)