Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Snake in the Road

Recently we had a little gathering of area homeschoolers here at our place. We were walking down the driveway, with the two youngest fellows running up ahead. I did my best to catch up with them, because shortly before everyone arrived I had noticed a dead snake on the driveway. I thought I should warn the little guys, so it didn't startle them too much when they reached it.

As I huffed my way towards them, I hollered, "Slow up, I need to show you something!" The minute I reached the dreaded spot and pointed out the lifeless, long form to them, the youngest of the two said, "Cool!" He then prompltly picked it up, shouting, "Hey mom - look at this!!!"

I ended up being the one who was startled - by a five year old's fearlessness.

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