Thursday, October 09, 2008

Handwriting Humor

Small children are experts at saying the funniest things…and usually when you least expect it.

Almost two months into Jessie’s 2nd grade career, she is just now beginning to learn the fascinating art of cursive handwriting. She’s been eagerly anticipating it for weeks now. Today, finally, she got to try her hand at some “pre-cursive” strokes. She was acting the part of the all-knowing big sister and bragging to five-year-old Josiah about how she was now learning to write in cursive.

“What is curfizz anyway?” was Josiah’s initial reaction (as I inwardly giggled at his funny pronunciation of the word).

“Well, CURSIVE is just a different way of writing that is fancy,” was big sister Jessie’s corrective answer.

Josiah snapped right back at her, “Well – I’m NEVER going to write CURFIZZ….until I learn how to say it!”

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